Learn New Words - 4

intextication noun the state of being unable to drive safely while texting
Intextication Prevention Tools – This SafeCell Android App Credits You Money for Safe Driving [www.trendhunter.com (advert)] 31 Oct 10

intexticated adjective unable to concentrate while driving because of being distracted by texting
Driving While Intexticated is more hazardous than Driving While Intoxicated. The response time of texter-drivers was three to four times slower than that of drunks.
[Charleston Daily Mail (US newspaper) 21 Oct 2010]

glocalize verb to adapt a product to suit local tastes and needs
McDonalds, a well-known food chain, has found a way to ‘glocalize’ its brand without losing its integrity. It makes changes to its menus depending on the region in order to appeal to the local culture. [www.linkedin.com 20 Oct 2010]

glocalization noun the tailoring of globally produced products to make them suitable to local tastes and needs
Glocalization often involves an international corporation tailoring their product to local tastes rather than trying to sell a ‘one size fits all’ version of their product in many markets. [curiosity.discovery.com 25 Dec 2010]

nail tat noun a temporary tattoo applied to the nails
‘Nail tats’ are tres chic and much more haute couture than nail art. [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 18 Oct 2010]

me-tailing noun online retail in which the accent is on bespoke goods
This is the ‘me-tailing’ phenomenon. [BBC Radio 4 06 Nov 2010]