Learn New Words - 9

face-palm verb to push someone in the face with the palm of your hand
Emma Watson, Megan Fox, Kelly Brook – three lusted-after ladies, but in the last year, all face-palmed out of the way (metaphorically speaking) by 23-year-old Devon-born Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely. [GQ (UK men's magazine) Nov 2010]

card-embedded adjective describes a mobile phone which incorporates a credit or debit card in the phone itself
He says users of a card-embedded phone would be able to cancel their phone and cards at the same time. [The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 02 Oct 2010]

twitpic noun a picture posted as a Tweet
Victoria Beckham joins Twitter, posting twitpics of her fashion shows and her dogs, signing off with ‘in love and light, VBx’. [The Times (UK broadsheet) 18 Dec 2010]

slacktivist noun informal someone whose activist activities are confined to signing online petitions, etc.
Hey reddit, let’s show these stupid Facebook slacktivist (sic)that what they do doesn’t help raise awareness or anything and donate to their cause. [www.reddit.com 12 Dec 2010]

hacktivist noun someone who hacks into computer data as a form of activism
Internet hacktivists have fired the latest salvo in the Wikileaks infowar.
[www.bbc.co.uk 07 Dec 2010]

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