Learn New Words - 16

lounge fitness noun exercise taken in front of a screen in the home, especially with the use of the Wii
The Wii games console, launched in 2006, has pumped up the sector known as lounge fitness.
[The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 8 January 2011]

gameful adjective having the creativity and collaborative spirit of a gamer
The network has about 1,100 game developers looking at questions like: How could you make education, museums, hospitals, airports or even caregiving more gameful?
[Smithsonian (US science and society magazine) February 2011] 

bunga bunga noun informal sexual entertainment
She is one of a string of women who are alleged to have taken part in naked ‘bunga bunga’ parties at the prime minister’s villa.
[www.dailymail.co.uk 25 February 2011] 

manther noun an older man who serially dates much younger women
IDEO: Creepy ‘Manther’ Moment from American Idol Thursday
[http://imc.tv/videos/ 28 January 2011] 

tiger mother noun an ultra-strict mother who demands academic and behavioural excellence in her child and regulates every aspect of her child’s life to this end
A hugger or a tiger mother: battle of the baby-rearing strategies [www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle 16 January 2011]


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