Learn New Words - 19

LLD abbreviation little lace dress
It’s that time of year where women up and down the country are bemoaning the fact that they have ‘nothing to wear’ to all those Christmas parties. Ladies, don’t stress, we have the answer – the LLD. [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 13 Dec 2010] 

sofalise verb to stay in and communicate with family and friends via electronic devices
Why socialise when you can just stay home and ‘sofalise’? [The Daily Mail (UK tabloid) 08 Nov 2010] 

vegivore noun someone who particularly loves eating vegetables
At serious restaurants all over town, carrots, peas, and the like are no longer just the supporting cast — they’re the stars.
Move over locavores, here come the vegivores.
[http://nymag.com 07 Nov 2010]

nom verb informal to eat something delicious
Kitty nomming her delicious tail (chicken chowder flavour). She had accidentally dipped 3 inches of her tail into my chicken chowder. [YouTube 25 Oct 2010]

mobile food noun prepared food sold from a truck on the street
The city makes it difficult to be a mobile food vendor. [WNYC: Leonard Lopate Show (US culture and current affairs) 19 Oct 2010]

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