Learn New Words - 22

edupreneur noun someone working as an entrepreneur in an area of education
Switching sides: prominent educationists now working as ‘edupreneurs’. [The Guardian (UK broadsheet, headline) 26 Oct 2010]

brown adjective denotes energy from polluting sources
To move from brown to green, from reliance on finite fossil fuels and nuclear to an unlimited supply of 100 per cent renewable energy [...]
[www.goodenergy.co.uk 28 Oct 2010]

telemedicine noun the use of telecommunications, especially the phone and Internet, to provide healthcare
Now we have telepresence and telemedicine [...] [Radio 4 Today Programme] 17 Dec 2010

reverse innovation noun the process of developing a product first developed for poor countries so that it is suitable for consumers in rich nations
The fundamental driver for reverse innovation is the income gap that exists between emerging markets and the more developed ones. [www.ftconferences.com 30 Nov 2010]

graphene noun a material the width of a single atom, made of bonded carbon atoms in a honeycomb pattern
Despite the £1m prize awarded for their discovery of graphene, the researchers were trying to continue with business in Manchester as usual. [The Independent (UK broadsheet) 06 Oct 2010]

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