Learn New Words - 26

polydrug use noun the use of more than one recreational drug to achieve a particular effect
Many of these drivers are involved in polydrug use. [BBC Radio 5 Live phone-in 18 Dec 2010] 

casual game noun a very simple, non-specialist video game that can be played by anyone
Welcome! We review, discuss and recommend only the best Flash and Casual games available on the Web. [http://jayisgames.com 27 Dec 2010] 

water poverty noun the inability to pay for water bills
Water poverty will become the new fuel poverty for an increasing number of households as scarcity of supply pushes up bills  [...] [The Observer (UK broadsheet) 20 February 2011]

pound town noun a town whose high street is full of pound shops and other discount stores
Blackpool isn’t the only pound town. [BBC Radio 4 24 February 2011]

fast following noun the practice of creating businesses by copying existing start-ups that have been successful
But most of the companies grabbing at Groupon’s coattails [...] are relying on a strategy called fast following — the idea that copying a blockbuster start-up yields fewer risks and potentially great rewards. [New York Times (US broadsheet) 10 March 2011]

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