Learn New Words - 28

thermosceptic noun a climate change denier
Mr Ball committed the ultimate sin of being a thermosceptic, or climate change denier. [http://www.telegraph.co.uk 18 February 2011] 

fracking noun informal hydraulic fracturing; a method of extracting oil or gas by creating fractures in rocks
He’s currently trying to get a new campaign off the ground to stop shale gas fracking in his home province of Quebec, Canada. [New Internationalist (politics magazine) Mar 2011] 

visual pollution noun a pejorative term for advertising in public places
Three years ago, Sao Paolo introduced ‘The Clean City Law’, and the world’s fourth largest city now has a near-complete ban on outdoor advertising, or, as it terms it, ‘visual pollution’. [The Observer (UK broadsheet) 11 February 2011] 

gestational carrier noun a surrogate mother
They thanked ‘everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier’. [bbc.co.uk 18 January 2011] 

chadult noun a child who dresses and behaves like an adult
While we suspect parents (yes, we mean you Will Smith!) are behind the rise of the chadult, we still feel uneasy when we see pics of Tom Cruise’s Suri donning a pair of heels and clutching her Starbucks coffee. [www.madeformums.com 18 February 2011]

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