Learn New Words - 1

obvs abbreviation UK informal obviously
We’re pleased to say the main topic of conversation in the office this week (apart from ‘The X Factor’, obvs) has been curvy girls on the catwalk.
man up! exclamation used to exhort someone to take courage and make difficult decisions
It also made suggestions on how to control long-term health care costs. You could say that they are proposing to man up the new health care law in this regard.

Mama Grizzly noun in the US, a Republican mother whose maternal instinct has galvanized her politically
Two self-proclaimed ‘Mama Grizzlies,’ supporters of Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle, discuss why more women like Angle and Sarah Palin should be elected to office.

lappy noun informal a laptop computer
I’ll probably need a new lappy in not too long.

abs adverb UK very informal absolutely
‘Abs’. It’s the new ‘obvs’. As in, ‘Your Christmas decorations this year are abs gorgeous.’

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