Learn New Words - 11

pre-salt adjective refers to oil reserves found under a thick layer of salt deep under the earth’s surface
A series of huge recent ‘pre-salt’ finds off the coast of Brazil have transformed the fortunes of the company and catapulted Brazil into one of the world’s leading energy and economic powerhouses. [The Guardian (UK broadsheet) 16 Nov 2010] 

cost-per-action adjective refers to a pricing policy for online services whereby an advertiser pays for agreed actions such as a purchase
Kullar says Likeourselves is backed by the potential for cost-per-action advertising, but also says businesses will pay for a custom service with enhanced features. [www.guardian.co.uk 18 Oct 2010] 

staff up phrasal verb to increase the number of staff in a company, usually temporarily
They staff up before Christmas. [BBC Radio 5 Live phone-in 20 Dec 2010] 

polydrug use noun the use of more than one recreational drug to achieve a particular effect
Many of these drivers are involved in polydrug use. [BBC Radio 5 Live phone-in 18 Dec 2010] 

casual game noun a very simple, non-specialist video game that can be played by anyone
Welcome! We review, discuss and recommend only the best Flash and Casual games available on the Web.
[http://jayisgames.com 27 Dec 2010] 

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