Learn New Words - 13

quintastic noun informal a very glamorous and youthful (usually celebrity) fifty-year old
The increasingly glamorous image of 50-year-olds has even spawned a new term, the ‘Quintastics’ – thanks, in part, to the visibility of a number of high-profile celebrities who met the event with undiminished glamour in the past year [...] [The Observer Magazine (UK broadsheet) 23 January 2011] 

pump-up party noun an illicit party at which people inject black-market fillers in their buttocks, lips, etc. in order to pump them up
Here, Grazia uncovers a worrying new trend for underground ‘pump-up parties’ where women are risking their lives injecting black-market fillers. [Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 21 March 2011] 

vertical farm noun a place where plants and livestock are raised in multi-floored skyscraper buildings
Moreover, agricultural practices are continuing to change. Experiments with urban farms, vertical farms and other innovations could further reduce the amount of farmland required to grow sustainable crops. [New Internationalist (politics magazine) Mar 2011] 

thermosceptic noun a climate change denier
Mr Ball committed the ultimate sin of being a thermosceptic, or climate change denier. [http://www.telegraph.co.uk 18 February 2011] 

fracking noun informal hydraulic fracturing; a method of extracting oil or gas by creating fractures in rocks
He’s currently trying to get a new campaign off the ground to stop shale gas fracking in his home province of Quebec, Canada. [New Internationalist (politics magazine) Mar 2011]

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