Direct And Indirect Speech - 10

Change the following into direct speech or indirect speech
1) Rama said to Arjun, “Go away”.
2) He said to him, “Please wait here till I return”.
3) “Call the first witness”, said the Judge.
4) “Open fire”, the officer said to the soldiers.
5) My friend said, “Lets sing together”.
6) Mary’s father said to the Principal, “Please pardon my daughter”.
7) They said to us, “Grow more trees”.
8) The doctor said, “You must exercise every day”.
9) He said, “Sit down”.
10) The manager said to the clerk, “Don’t come late”.
1) “May you live long”, she said.
2) He said, “How beautiful the garden is!”
3) He said, “Alas! I am undone”.
4) “Many happy returns of the day”, said Mohsin.
5) Harsha said to Susheela, “Good Morning”.
6) He said, “Bravo! You have been well”.
7) She said, “My God! I am ruined”.
8) He said, “May your daughter recover soon”.
9) “So help me, Heaven!” he cried, “I will never steal again”.
10) Alice said, “How clever I am!”

1) Rama ordered Arjun to go away.
2) He requested him to wait there till he returned.
3) The Judge commanded/ordered them to call the first witness.
4) The officer ordered/commanded the soldiers to open fire.
5) My friend suggested/proposed that we should sing together.
6) Mary’s father requested/begged the Principal to pardon his daughter.
7) They urged us to grow more trees.
8) The doctor advised me to exercise every day.
9) He asked me to sit down.
10) The manager advised/warned the clerk not to come late.
1) She wished/prayed that I might live long.
2) He exclaimed that the garden was very beautiful.
3) He exclaimed sadly that he was undone.
4) Mohsin wished him/her many happy returns of the day.
5) Harsha wished Susheela good morning.
6) He applauded him, saying that he had done well.
7) She exclaimed bitterly that she was ruined.
8) He prayed/hoped that my daughter might recover soon.
9) He called upon Heaven to witness his resolution to never steal again.
10) Alice exclaimed that she was very clever.