Direct And Indirect Speech - 9

Change the following into direct speech or indirect speech
1) The boy said, “I am doing my homework”.
2) Ravi said, “I have met your brother”.
3) Seetha said, “I waited for Ramu till 10 o’ clock”.
4) Rahim said, “John will have met the governor”.
5) He said, “It is time I went to bed”.
6) Radha said, “I was watching T.V.”
7) He said, “I have bought a watch for you”.
8) Sunita said, “I have been working on this novel for five years”.
9) My father said to me, “You have done your work well”.
10) Mohan said to me, “I met Suresh in Mumbai”.
11) Abhinav said, “I have not stolen the necklace”.
12) The villager said to the stranger, “I have never seen you”.
13) Srinivas said, “I am reading a novel”.
14) Shahid said, “My father went to Guntur yesterday”.
15) He said, “The children are having a bath now”.
1) He said to me, “Who lives in this house”?
2) “Do you know when she will go home?” I said to him.
3) Ramesh said to me, “How are you feeling?”
4) She said, “Can you help me?”
5) I said to him, “What are you doing here today?”
6) My friend said, “Is Mr. Rao on leave?”
7) Sumitra said, “Shall I switch on the fan?”
8) She said, “Why didn’t he come?”
9) Nirmala said to her friend, “Which magazines do you usually read?”
10) He said, “Will you listen to such a man?”

1) The boy said that he was doing his homework.
2) Ravi said that he had met my brother.
3) Seetha said that she had waited for Ramu till 10 o’ clock.
4) Rahim said that John would have met the governor.
5) He said that it was time he went to bed.
6) Radha said that she had been watching T.V.
7) He said that he had bought a watch for me.
8) Sunita said that she had been working on that novel for five years.
9) My father told me that I had done my work well.
10) Mohan told me that he had met Suresh in Mumbai.
11) Abhinav said that he had not stolen the necklace.
12) The villager told the stranger that he had never seen him.
13) Srinivas said that he was reading a novel.
14) Shahid said that his father had gone to Guntur the previous day.
15) He said that the children were having a bath then.
1) He asked me who lived in that house.
2) I asked him if he knew when she would go home.
3) Ramesh asked me how I was feeling.
4) She asked me if I could help her.
5) I asked him what he was doing there that day.
6) My friend asked if Mr. Rao was on leave.
7) Sumitra asked whether she should switch on the fan.
8) She wondered why he didn’t come.
9) Nirmala asked her friend which magazines she usually read.
10) He asked them whether they would listen to such a man.