Direct And Indirect Speech - 8

Change the following into direct speech or indirect speech
1) He said, “The earth moves round the sun”.
2) They said, “A bad carpenter quarrels with his tools”.
3) The teacher said, “The sun rises in the east”.
4) The boys said, “Oil floats on water”.
5) She said, “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”.
1) She said, “I am very poor”.
2) He said, “We are in the playground”.
3) Mohit said, “I don’t believe you”.
4) John said to Mary, “You are innocent”.
5) My father said to me, “They are late”.
1) She said, “It may rain”.
2) The boy said, “I can do it”.
3) He said to me, “I shall meet your father”.
4) Joseph said, “I will go home soon”.
5) She said, “I can’t agree with you”.
6) Raman said, “I have a problem”.
7) The officer said to the clerk, “You must do it”.
8) Balu said, “I don’t drink coffee”.
9) Geeta said, “Rajashree will not lie”.
10) Vidya said, “Sachin has a car”.

1) He said that the earth moves round the sun.
2) They said that a bad carpenter quarrels with his tools.
3) The teacher said that the sun rises in the east.
4) The boys said that oil floats on water.
5) She said that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
1) She said that she was very poor.
2) He said that they were in the playground.
3) Mohit said that he didn’t believe me.
4) John told Mary that she was innocent.
5) My father told me that they were late.
1) She said that it might rain.
2) The boy said that he could do it.
3) He told me that he would meet my father.
4) Joseph said that he would go home soon.
5) She said that she couldn’t agree with me.
6) Raman said that he had a problem.
7) The officer told the clerk that he had to do it.
8) Balu said that he didn’t drink coffee.
9) Geeta said that Rajashree would not lie.
10) Vidya said that Sachin had a car.