Direct And Indirect Speech - 5

In reporting questions, the Indirect Speech is introduced by some such verbs as asked,
inquired, wanted to know, interrogated etc.
When the question is not introduced by an interrogative word, the reporting verb is
followed by whether or if.
Direct : He said to me, “What are you doing?”
Indirect : He asked me what I was doing.
Direct : “Where do you live?” asked the stranger.
Indirect : The stranger enquired where I live.
Direct : The policeman said to us, “Where are you going?”
Indirect : The policeman enquired where we were going.
Direct : He said, “Will you listen to such a man?”
Indirect : He asked them/me whether they/I would listen to such a man.
Direct : “Do you suppose you know better than your own father?”
Jeered his angry mother.
Indirect : His angry mother jeered and asked whether he supposed that he knew
better than his own father.