Learn New Words - 32

life hacker noun a person who helps people to redefine their lives
In geek speak, he’s a ‘life hacker’, one who has collected both ardent devotees and harsh disparagers.
[New York Times (US broadsheet) 27 March 2011] 

dumbphone noun a mobile that is not a smart phone
The market is 90 percent dumbphone users.
[Heard in conversation (man 40s) 11 February 2011]
Androids are awesome, iPhones impressive [...] but dumbphones still dominate.
[www.foxnews.com 10 February 2011] 

typosphere noun the community of people who use, buy and sell, write about and read about typewriters
Online, he is a proud member of the ‘typosphere’, a global community of typewriter geeks.
[New York Times (US broadsheet) 31 March 2011] 

type-in noun a social event where people bring and use typewriters
In the last three months, type-ins have clattered into cities from coast to coast and even overseas.
[New York Times (US broadsheet) 31 March 2011] 

typecasting noun the activity of using a typewriter to write messages that you then scan and post to a Web site
One of his favorite typecasting blogs, Strikethru, is run by a Microsoft employee. [New York Times (US broadsheet) 31 March 2011]

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