Learn New Words - 33

bloggable adjective worthy of being written about in a blog
[...] now even tiny events are blown into bloggable postings, with video footage attached.
[Grazia (UK women's celebrity magazine) 21 March 2011] 

speak-to-tweet adjective describes a system whereby users can leave a message at an international phone number, that is then sent out as a tweet
The so-called speak-to-tweet system allows people caught up in the unrest to post messages without any need to use an internet connection.
[www.bbc.co.uk 1February 2011] 

reface verb to change the design of your Facebook page
The latest Facebook trend is to ‘reface’ either your personal page or fan page photo strip.
[www.inlandsocal.com 2 March 2011] 

badge verb to put a badge on your personal profile on a social networking website in order to show your support for a cause
On Facebook and Twitter, people ‘badge’ themselves as supportive of particular causes with seemingly greater ease than offline.
[The Observer (UK broadsheet) 6 February 2011] 

Googleganger noun someone who shares your name and so crops up when you Google yourself
It’s highly unlikely you will ever meet your Googleganger. But if you ever do, at least you will have something to discuss.
[http://webupon.com 14.01.11]

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