Greek and Latin roots in English_V

Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
vac- empty Latin vacare evacuate, vacancy, vacant, vacate, vacation, vacuous, vacuum
vacc- cow Latin vacca vaccary, vaccination, vaccine
vacil- waver Latin vacillare "sway, be untrustworthy" vacillate, vacillation
vad-, vas- go Latin vadere evade, pervasive
vag- wander Latin vagus, vagare vagabond, vague
val- strength, worth Latin valere ambivalence, avail, equivalent, evaluate, prevail, valence, valiant, valid, valor, value
van- empty, vain, idle Latin vanus "empty", also vanescere "vanish" evanescent, vain, vanish, vanity
vap- lack (of) Latin vapor evaporation, vapid, vaporize
vari- vary Latin variare variable, variance, variant, variate, variation, variety, various, vary
varic- straddle Latin varicare "to straddle", from varus "bowlegged" prevaricate
veh-, vect- carry Latin vehere "to carry", vectus invective, inveigh, vector, vehement, vehicle
vel- veil Latin velum revelation, velate
vell-, vuls- pull Latin vellere, vulsus convulsion
veloc- quick Latin velox, velocis velocity
ven- vein Latin vena intravenous, venosity, venule
ven- hunt Latin venari venison
ven-, vent- come Latin venire advent, adventure, avenue, circumvent, contravene, convene, convenient, convention, event, intervene, intervention, invent, prevent, revenue, souvenir, supervene, venue, venture
vend- sell Latin vendere vendor, vending
vener- respectful Latin venus, veneris venerable, veneration, venereal
vent- wind Latin ventus ventilation, ventilator
ventr- belly Latin venter, ventris ventral
ver- true Latin verus aver, veracious, verdict, verify, verisimilar, verisimilitude, verity, very
verb- word Latin verbum verbal, verbatim, verbosity
verber- whip Latin verber reverberation
verm- worm Latin vermis vermiform, vermin
vern- spring Latin ver, vernus vernal
vers-, vert- turn Latin versus, past participle of vertere adverse, adversity, advertise, anniversary, avert, controversy, controvert, conversant, conversation, converse, convert, diversify, divert, extrovert, introvert, inverse, invert, perverse, pervert, reverse, revert, subvert, tergiversate, transverse, universe, versatile, verse, version, versus, vertex, vertical, vertigo
vesic- bladder Latin vesica vesical
vesper- evening, western Latin vespera vesperal
vest- clothing, garment Latin vestire "to clothe", related to vestis "garment" divest, invest, investiture, transvestite, travesty, vest, vestment
vestig- track Latin vestigium investigate, vestigial
vet- forbid Latin vetare veto
veter- old Latin vetus, veteris inveterate, veteran
vi- way Latin via deviate, obviate, obvious, via
vic- change Latin vicis vicar, vicarious, vice versa, vicissitude
vicen-, vigen- twenty each Latin viceni vicenary
vicesim-, vigesim- twentieth Latin vicesimus vicesimary, vicesimation, vigesimal
vid-, vis- see Latin videre, visus evident, provide, providence, provident, revise, supervise, video, visible, vision, visit, vista
vigil- watchful Latin vigil, also vigilare invigilate, reveille, surveillance, vigil, vigilance, vigilant, vigilante
vil- cheap Latin vilis revile, vile, vilify
vill- country house Latin villa villa, village, villain
vill- shaggy hair Latin villus velour, velvet, villiform
vin- wine Latin vinum vine, vinous
vinc-, vict- conquer Latin vincere (past participle victus) convict, convince, evict, evince, invincible, province, vanquish, victor, victory
vir- man Latin vir triumvirate, virility
vir- green Latin virere virid, viridian
visc- thick Latin viscum viscosity
viscer- internal organ Latin viscus, visceris eviscerate, visceral
vit- life Latin vita vital, vitamin
vitell- yolk Latin vitellus vitellogenesis
viti- fault Latin vitium vice, vitiate, vituperate
vitr- glass Latin vitrum vitreous, vitriol
viv- live Latin vivere "to live", related to vita "life" convivial, revive, survive, viable, victuals, vital, vitality, vitamin, vivacious, vivacity, vivid, vivisection
voc- call, voice Latin vocare (to call), from vox "voice" (genitive vocis) advocate, avocation, convocation, equivocal, equivocate, evoke, invocation, invoke, provocative, provoke, revoke, vocal, vocation, vociferous
vol- fly Latin volare volatility
vol- will Latin voluntas "will" from velle "to wish" benevolent, malevolent, velleity, volition, voluntary, Voluntaryism, volunteer, voluptuary, voluptuous
volv-, volut- roll Latin volvere, volutus convolution, devolve, evolve, involve, revolve, valve, vault, voluble, volume, voluminous, volvox, vulva
vom- discharge Latin vomere vomit
vor-, vorac- swallow Latin vorare, vorax carnivorous, devour, herbivorous, locavore, omnivorous, voracious
vov-, vot- vow Latin vovere, votus votive
vulg- crowd Latin vulgus divulge, vulgarity, vulgate
vulner- wound Latin vulnus, vulneris vulnerable
vulp- fox Latin vulpēs, vulpis vulpine