6 Words That Can Ruin Your Sentence - 3

This word is used to signal truth, simplicity, and confidence, like in "Basically, he made a bad decision." It should signify something that is fundamental or elementary, but too often this word is used in the context of things that are far from basic in order to create a sense of authority and finality. What's our next adverb offender?________________________________________________

adverb: basically
  1. in the most essential respects; fundamentally.
    "we started from a basically simple idea"
    synonyms :fundamentallyprimarilyprincipallychieflyessentially,
    above all, first of all, most of all, first and foremost,in essence, at bottom, at heart; 
     for the most part, in the main,mainly, on the whole, by and large, substantially, in substance;
    intrinsically, inherently; 
    informalat the end of the day, when all is said and done, when you get right down to it
    "his disposition is basically peaceful"
    • used to indicate that a statement summarizes the most important aspects, or gives a roughly accurate account, of a more complex situation.
      "I basically played the same thing every night"