6 Words That Can Ruin Your Sentence - 4

This crutch word is used to assert authority or express incredulity, as in, "Honestly, I have no idea why he said that." However, it very rarely adds honesty to a statement. The next crutch word is perhaps the most famous one out there. Click ahead to find out what it is.

adverb: honestly
  1. 1.
    in a truthful, fair, or honourable way.
    "he'd come by the money honestly"
    synonyms:fairly, lawfully, legally, legitimately, honourably, decently,
     ethically,morally, by fair means, by just means, without corruption, in good faith, by the book, in accordance with the rules;
    informalon the level
    "he'd come by the money honestly"
  2. 2.
    used to emphasize the sincerity of an opinion or feeling.
    "she honestly believed that she was making life easier for Jack"
    synonyms:frankly, candidly, sincerely, genuinely, truthfully, truly, wholeheartedly,
    freelyopenly, plainly, straight out, straight from the shoulder
    informalstraight up
    "we honestly believe this is the best investment you will ever make"
    • used to emphasize the truthfulness of a statement.
      "honestly, darling, I'm not upset"
      synonyms:truthfully, reallytrulyactually, to be honest, to tell you the truth, to be frank, speaking truthfully, speaking frankly, in all honesty, in all sincerity, in plain language, in plain English; 
      without pretence,without dissembling;
      informalScout's honour; 
      datedhonest Injun
      "quite honestly, I'm not very interested in men"
    • used to indicate the speaker's annoyance or impatience.
      "honestly, that man is the absolute limit!"