Greek and Latin roots in English_C

Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
cac-, caco-, kako-, kaki- bad Greek κακός (kakos) cachexia, cacography, cacophony, cacorrhacitis, kakistocracy
cad-, -cid-, cas- fall Latin cadere, casus accident, cadaver, cadence, cascade, case
caed-, -cid-, caes-, -cis- cut, kill Latin caedere, caesus caesura, democide, exorcise, genocide, germicide, homicide, incisor, scissors
cal- call Latin calare calendar, claim, class, conciliate, conciliatory, council, intercalate, nomenclature
calc- stone Latin and Greek from Latin calx (genitive calcis) "lime", from Greek χάλιξ (khalix) "pebble", "limestone" calcite, calcitrant, calcium, calculate, calculus, chalicothere, chalk, recalcitrant
cali-, call-, calli-, calo- beautiful Greek καλός (kalos) "beautiful"; κάλλος (kallos) "beauty" calisthenics, calligraphy, calophyllous, kaleidoscope
calor-, calo-, calori- heat Latin calor "heat" caldron, caloric, calorie, calorigenic, calorimeter
calum- trick, lie, deceive Latin calumnia "slander, trickery", from calvi' "to trick, deceive" calumnious, calumny, cavil, challenge
calyp- cover Greek καλύπτειν (kaluptein) apocalypse
camer- vault Latin camera bicameral, camera
camp- field Latin campus "field", "level ground" camp, campaign, campicolous, campimetry, campus, champion
can- dog Latin canis canine, Canis Major
can- reed, rod Greek κάννα (kanna) cane, canister, canon
can-, -cin-, cant- sing Latin cantare frequentative of canere accent, cantata, canto, cantor, chant, enchant, recant
cand-, cend- glowing, iridescent Latin candere "to be white or glisten" candela, candid, candle, candor, incandescent, incendiary, incense
cap-, -cip-, capt-, -cept- hold, take Latin capere, captus "take or hold" (vowel changes from a to i in compounds) capable, capacious, captive, caption, captivate, capture, conception, except, forceps, incipient, intercept, recipient
capit-, -cipit- head Latin caput, capitis capital, capitulate, capitulation, captain, decapitate, precipitation, recap, recapitulate
capr- goat Latin caper (genitive capri) "goat", also capreolus "wild goat" cab, caper, caprice, Capricorn, caprine
caps- box, case Latin capsa capsule
carbo- coal Latin carbo, carbonis carbohydrate, carbon
carcer- jail Latin carcer, carcerare incarceration
carcin- cancer (disease) Latin from Greek Latin from Greek καρκίνος (karkinos) "crab" carcinogenic, carcinoma
cardi- relating to the heart Greek καρδιά (kardia) cardiograph, cardiology, electrocardiogram
cardin- hinge Latin cardo, cardinis cardinal
carn-, carni- flesh Latin caro, carnis carnage, carnal, carnival, carnivore, charnel, incarnadine, incarnate, reincarnation
carp- fruit Greek καρπός (karpos) "fruit" carpology
carp- wrist Greek καρπός (karpos) "wrist" carpal, carpal tunnel syndrome
cast- pure, cut Latin castrare and castus, from kes- (to cut) caste, castigate, castrate, chaste, chastity, incest
cata-, cat-, catar- down Greek κατά (katá) "down" catabolic, catacomb, catalyst, catarrhine, catastrophe, catatonia, cathode, cation
caten- chain Latin catena catenary, concatenation
cathar- pure Greek καθαρός (katharos) catharsis
caud- tail Latin cauda caudal, coda
caus-, -cus- cause or motive Latin causa accuse, because, causal, causative, cause, excuse
caust-, caut- burn Greek καίειν (kaiein) calm, caustic, cauterize, holocaust
cav- hollow Latin cavus cave, cavity, excavation
ced-, cess- move, yield, go, surrender Latin cedere, cessus accede, cede, concede, precede, procedure, proceed, procession, recede, secede, succeed, success
cel- hide Latin celare "to hide" ceiling, clandestine, conceal, occult
celer- quick Latin celer, celerare acceleration, celerity
cen- new Greek καινός (kainos) Cenozoic
cen- empty Greek κενός (kenos) cenotaph
cen- common Greek κοινός (koinos) cenobite
cens- to assess Latin censere censure, census
cent- hundred Latin centum cent, centennial, centurion, percent
centen- hundred each Latin centeni centenarian, centenary
centesim- hundredth Latin centesimus centesimal, centesimation
centr- center Greek κέντρον (kéntron) "needle", "spur" eccentric
centri- center Latin centrum central, center, concentrate, concentric, centrifugal, centripetal
cephal- head Greek κεφαλή (kephalē) cephalic, cephalopod, encephalogram
ceram- clay Greek κέραμος (keramos) ceramic
cerat- horn Greek κέρας (keras), κέρατος (keratos) keratin, triceratops
cern-, cer- sift Latin cernere "to sift, separate" ascertain, certain, concern, concert, decree, discern, excrement, secern, secret
cervic- relating to the neck, relating to the cervix Latin cervix, cervicis "neck" cervix, cervical
ceter- other Latin ceterus et cetera
chir- of the hand or hands Greek χείρ (kheir) "hand" chiral, chiropractic, chiroptera
chelon- relating to a turtle Greek χελώνη (khelōne) "tortoise" chelonia
chlor- green Greek χλωρός (khlōros) chlorine, chlorophyll, chloroplast
chore- relating to dance Greek χορεία (khoreia) "dancing in unison" from χορός (khoros) "chorus" choreography, chorus
chord- cord Latin and Greek chorda "rope" from χορδή (chordē) chordata, cord
chrom- color Greek χρῶμα (chrōma) chromatic, chrome, chromium, chromosome, monochrome, polychrome
chron- time Greek χρόνος (chronos) anachronism, chronic, chronicle, chronology, chronometer, synchronize
chrys- gold Greek χρυσός (khrusos) chrysalis, chrysolite
cili- eyelash Latin cilium cilia, supercilious
cine- motion Greek κινέω (kineō) cinema
ciner- ash Latin cinis, cineris incineration
cing-, cinct- gird Latin cingere, cinctus succinct
circ- circle, ring Latin circulus, circus circle, circular, circulate, circus
circum- around Latin circum circumcise, circumference, circumlocution, circumnavigate, circumscribe
cirr- orange Greek κιρρός (kirros) cirrhosis
cirr- curl, tentacle Latin cirrus cirrus
cit- call, start Latin citare, frequentative of ciere citation, cite, excite, incite, solicit, solicitous
civ- citizen Latin civis civic, civil, civilian, civility, civilization
clad- branch Greek κλάδος (klados) clade
clam- cry out Latin clamare acclaim, claim, clamor, exclamation, proclamation, reclamation
clar- clear Latin clarus, clarare clarity, clear, declaration
clast- broken Greek κλαστός (klastos) iconoclast, osteoclast
claud-, -clud-, claus-, -clus- close, shut Latin claudere, clausus clause, claustrophobia, conclude, exclude, exclusive, include, occlusion, occult, recluse, seclude
clav- key Greek κλείς (kleis) "key" from κλείειν, (kleiein) "to close" clavichord, clavicle, conclave
cleist- closed Greek κλειστός (kleistos) cleistogamy
cleithr- bar, key Greek
clement- mild Latin clemens, clementis clemency, inclement
clin- bed Greek κλίνη (klinē) clinic
clin- lean, recline Latin -clinare decline, declination, incline, inclination, recline
cochl- snail, spiral shell Greek κόχλος (kochlos) cochlea
cogn- know Latin cognoscere (see also gnoscere) cognition, cognitive, cognizance, cognizant, cognoscenti, connoisseur, incognito, recognize,
coel- hollow Greek κοῖλος (koilos) blastocoel, coelom, spongocoel
col- strain Latin colare, colum colander, coulee, percolate
coll- hill Latin collis colliculus
coll- neck Latin collum accolade, collar
color- color Latin color coloration, coloratura, tricolor
con-, co-, col-, com-, cor- with, together Latin cum (from older form quom) coagulate, collide, compress, connect, connote, contain, corrode, quondam
con- cone Greek κῶνος (kōnos) conic, conical, conoid
condi- season Latin condire condiment
contin- contain Latin continere (see also tenere) contain, content, contents, continence, continent, continue, countenance
contra- against Latin contra contraband, contraception, contradict, contraindicate, contrast, contravene
copi- plenty Latin copia copious, copy, cornucopia
copr- dung Greek κόπρος (kopros) coprolite, coprophagia, coprophilia
copul- bond Latin copula "that which binds" copula, copulation, couple
cor-, cord- heart Latin cor, cordis accord, cordial, core, concord, courage, discord, discordant, encourage, record
corac- raven Greek κόραξ, κόρακος (korax, korakos) coracoid
cori- hide, leather Latin corium, corii excoriate
corn- horn Latin cornu cornea, cornucopia, unicorn
coron- crown Latin corona, coronare corona, coronation
corp-, corpor- body Latin corpus, corporis corporation, corporal, corporeal, corpse, corpulent, corpuscle, incorporate
cortic- bark Latin cortex, corticis cortical, corticosteriod
cosm- universe Greek κόσμος (kosmos) cosmic, cosmonaut, cosmopolitan, cosmos, microcosm
cosmet- the art of dress and ornament Greek κοσμητική (kosmetike) from κόσμος (kosmos) cosmetics, cosmetology
cost- rib Latin costa costal
cotyl- cup Greek κοτύλη (kotulē) cotyledon
-cracy, -crat government, rule, authority Greek κράτος (kratos) aristocracy, autocracy, bureaucracy, democracy, plutocracy, technocracy, theocracy
crani- skull Greek κρανίον (kranion) cranium
crass- thick Latin crassus crassitude
crea- make Latin creare, creatus creation, creature, creole, procreation, recreation
cred- believe, trust Latin credere, creditus accreditation, credence, credentials, credibility, credible, credit, creditor, credo, credulity, credulous, creed, discredit, incredible, incredulous, miscreant, recreant
crep- boot, shoe Greek κρηπίς, κρηπίδος (krēpis, krēpidos) crepidoma
cresc-, crease, cru-, crew- grow, rise Latin crescere accretion, accrue, concrete, crescendo, crescent, crew, decrease, increase, recruit
cribr- sieve Latin cribrum, cribrare cribble, cribrate
cric- ring Greek κρίκος (krikos) cricoid
crisp- curled Latin crispus crepe, crispate
crist- crest Latin crista cristate
crit-, crisi- judge, separate Greek κρίνειν (krinein), κρίσις (krisis) crisis, criterion, critic, critical, diacritic, endocrine, hypocrisy
cross- fringe, tassel Greek κροσσός (krossos) crossopterygii
cruc- cross Latin crux, crucis crucial, crucifix, crucify, excruciating
crur- leg, shank Latin crus, cruris crural
-cry wail, shriek Latin critare, from quiritare cry, decry, descry
crypt- hidden Greek κρύπτειν (kruptein) "to hide", κρυπτός (kruptos) apocryphal, cryptic, cryptography
cten- comb Greek κτείς, κτενός (kteis, ktenos) ctenophore
cub- cube Greek κύβος (kubos) cubic, cuboid
cub- lie Latin cubare incubation, succuba
culin- kitchen Latin culina culinary
culp- blame, fault Latin culpa culpable, culprit, exculpate
cune- wedge Latin cuneus cuneiform
cur-, cura- care for Latin cura, curare accurate, curative, curator, cure, curious, manicure, pedicure, secure, sinecure
curr-, curs- run, course Latin currere, cursus concur, concurrent, corridor, courier, course, currency, current, cursive, cursor, cursory, discourse, excursion, incur, occur, recur, recursion, recursive, succor
curv- bent Latin curvus "crooked, curved", from curvare "to bend" cavort, curb, curvature, curve
cuspid- lance, point Latin cuspis, cuspidis bicuspid
cult-, col- cultivate, till, inhabit Latin colere colony, cult, cultivate, cultivation, culture
cut- skin Latin cutis cutaneous, cuticle
cyan- blue Greek κυανός (kuanos) cyanide
cycl- circular Greek κύκλος (kuklos) bicycle, cycle, cyclic, cyclone, cyclops, unicycle
cylind- roll Greek κύλινδρος (kulindros) cylinder
cyn- dog Greek κύων, κυνός (kuōn, kunos) cynology, cynosure
cyst- capsule Greek κύστις (kustis) cystic
cyt- cell Greek κύτος (kutos) cnidocyte, cytoplasm