Greek and Latin roots in English_D

Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
dactyl- digit, finger, toe Greek δάκτυλος (daktulos) dactylology, pterodactyl
damn-, -demn- to inflict loss upon Latin damnāre condemn, damnation, indemnify
de- from, away from, removing, down Latin deletion, dementia, descend
deb- owe Latin debere, debitus debit
deca-, dec-, deka-, dek- ten Greek δέκα (deka), ten decade, decagram, decahedron, Decalogue, decameter
decim- tenth part Latin decimus, tenth; from decem, ten decimal, decimate
decor- ornament Latin decorus "fit, proper" and decorare "to decorate", from decor "beauty, ornament" and decus "ornament" decor, decorate, decorous, decorum
delt- shaped like a Δ Greek δέλτα (delta) deltoid
dem- people Greek δῆμος (dēmos) demagogue, democracy, demography, endemic, epidemic
den- ten each Latin deni denarius, denary, denier, dinar, dinero, dinheiro
dendr- resembling a tree Greek δένδρον (dendron): akin to δρύς, (drys) "tree" dendrite, dendrochronology, rhododendron
dens- thick Latin densus condense, dense, density
dent- tooth Latin dens, dentis dental, dentifrice, dentures
derm- skin Greek δέρμα (derma) Dermaptera, dermatology, dermis, epidermis, hypodermic, taxidermy
deuter- second Greek δεύτερος (deuteros) Deuteronomy, deuterostome
dexter- right Latin dexter dexterity, dextrose
dexi- right Greek δεξιός (deksios) Dexiarchia
di- two Greek δι- (di-) dicot, diode, dipole
dia- apart, through Greek διά (dia) diagram, dialysis, diameter
dict- say, speak, proclaim Latin dicere, dictare abdicate, benediction, malediction, contradict, dictate, dictator, dictation, diction, dictionary, dictum, edict, predicate, predict, verdict
dida- teach Greek διδάσκειν (didaskein) didactic
digit- finger Latin digitus digital
dilu-, delu- flood, wash away Latin diluere antediluvian, deluge, dilution, diluvial, diluvian
dino- terrible, fearfully great Greek δεινός (deinos) dinosaur
dipl- double; twofold Greek διπλός (diplos) diploid, diplosis
doc-, doct- teach Latin docere, doctus docile, doctor, doctrine, document, indoctrinate
dodec- twelve Greek δώδεκα (dōdeka) dodecahedron, dodecasyllabic
dog-, dox- opinion, tenet Greek δόξα (doxa) "opinion", from δοκεῖν (dokein) "to appear, seem, think" dogma, dogmatic, dogmatism, doxology, heterodox, orthodox, paradox
dol- pain Latin dolere "to grieve", also dolus "grief" and dolor "pain" condolence, dol, doleful, dolorous, indolence
dom- house Latin domus dame, dome, domestic, domicile
domin- master Latin dominus "master"; (from domus "house") danger, domain, dominant, dominate, domination, domineer, dominion, domino, dungeon, predominant
domit- tame Latin domitare, frequentative of domare daunt, domitable, indomitable
don- give Latin dōnum, donare condone, donate, donation, donor, pardon
dont- tooth Greek ὀδόντος (odontos) orthodontist, periodontal
dorm- sleep Latin dormire dormant, dormitory
dors-, dos- back Latin dorsum dorsal, dossier, endorse
-drome run, step Latin dromos hippodrome, palindrome, syndrome
du- two Latin duo dual, duality, duo, duplex, duplicity
dub- doubtful Latin dubius doubt, dubiety, dubious
duc-, duct- lead Latin ducere abduce, abduct, conduce, deduce, induce, introduce, produce, reduce, seduce, traduce
dulc- sweet Latin dulcis billet-doux, dolce, dulcet, dulcimer
dur- hard Latin durus, durare durable, duration, duress, endure, obduracy, obdurate, obduration
dy- two Greek δύο (duo) dyad
dyna- power Greek δύναμαι (dunamai) dynamic, dynamism, dynamite, dynamo, dynasty
dys- badly, ill Greek δυσ- (dus-) dysentery, dysplasia, dystrophy