Greek and Latin roots in English_F

Root Meaning in English Origin language Etymology (root origin) English examples
fab- bean Latin faba faba bean
fac-, fact-, -fect-, -feat, -feit, -fic-, -ify do, make Latin facere, factus affair, affect, affectation, amplify, artifact, artifice, benefactor, benefice, benefit, confection, counterfeit, defeat, defect, disaffect, edifice, effect, effective, effectual, face, facile, facsimile, fact, faction, factitious, factor, factory, fake, fashion, feasible, feat, feature, feckless, fiat, forfeit, infect, laissez-faire, malefaction, manufacture, modify, office, perfect, proficient, prolific, rarefy, refectory, sacrifice, scientific, suffice, surfeit, traffic
falc- sickle Latin falx, falcis defalcation, falcate, falciform, falchion, falcon
fall-, fallac-, fals- false, deceive Latin fallere, falsus, fallax, fallacis default, fail, fallacious, fallacy, fallible, false, falsetto, falsify, falsity, fault
famili- a close attendant Latin famulus familiarity, family
fari-, fat- say, speak Latin fari, see also fateri affable, bifarious, confess, fable, fame, fascinate, fate, infant, nefarious, preface, profess
fasc- bundle Latin fascis fasciculation, fascism
fatu- foolish, useless Latin fatuus fatuous, infatuation
feder- treaty, agreement, contract, league, pact Latin foederare, from foedus (genitive foederis); see also fides "faith" confederacy, confederation, federal, federate, federation
fel- cat Latin feles, felis Felinae, feline
felic- happy, merry Latin felix, felicis felicity
fell- suck Latin fellare fellation
femin- women, female Latin femina femininity
femor- thigh Latin femur (genitive femoris) femoral, femur
fend-, fens- strike Latin fendere, -fensus defend, fend, offend, offense
fenestr- window Latin fenestra defenestration
fer- to bear, carry Latin ferre aquifer, circumference, confer, conifer, defer, differ, ferry, fertile, infer, Lucifer, offer, prefer, refer, suffer, transfer, vociferous
ferv- boil, glow Latin fervere ferment, fervent, fervid, fervor, perfervid
feroc- fierce Latin ferox, ferocis ferocity
ferr- iron Latin ferrum ferrous
fet- stink Latin fetere fetid, fetor
fic- fig Latin ficus Ficus, fig
fict-, fig- to form, shape Latin fingere "to touch, handle; devise; fabricate, alter, change" dough, effigy, feign, fiction, fictitious
fid-, fis- faith, trust Latin fides "faith, trust", from fidere "to trust" confidante, confidence, confident, diffident, faith, fealty, fidelity, fiduciary, infidel, perfidious, perfidy
fil- thread Latin filum defile, filament, file, filigree, fillet, profile
fili- son Latin filius affiliation
fin- end Latin finis affinity, confine, define, final, finale, finance, fine, finish, finite, infinite, refine
find-, fiss- split Latin findere, fissus fission, fissure
firm- firm, strong Latin firmus, firmare confirmation, firmament
fistul- hollow, tube Latin fistula fistula
fix- attach Latin fixare, frequentative of figere affix, fix, fixation, fixture, prefix, suffix, transfix
fl- blow Latin flare, flatus flare, flatulence, flavor, flute, inflation, insufflation
flacc- flabby Latin flaccus, flaccere flaccid
flav- yellow Latin flavus flavonoid
flect-, flex- bend Latin flectere, flexus deflect, circumflex, flex, flexible, flexile, flexion, flexor, inflect, inflection, reflect, reflection, reflex
flig-, flict- strike Latin flīgere, flictus afflict, conflict, inflict, profligacy, profligate
flor- flower Latin flos, floris floral, florid
flu-, fluv-, flux- flow Latin fluere, fluxus affluent, confluence, effluent, fluctuate, fluctuation, fluency, fluent, fluid, fluidity, flush, fluvial, flux, influence, influx, superfluous
foc- hearth Latin focus focal, focus,
fod-, foss- dig Latin fodere, fossus fossil
foen- hay Latin foenum Foeniculum
foli- leaf Latin folium defoliant
font- spring Latin fons, fontis font, fontal, fontanelle
for- bore, drill Latin forare, foratus foralite, foramen, foraminifer, perforation
form- shape Latin forma conform, deform, form, formal, formation, formula, formulate, inform, perform, reform, uniform
form- ant Latin formica formaldehyde, formic acid
fornic- vault Latin fornix, fornicis fornication
fort- strong Latin fortis fort, forte, fortify, fortitude, fortress
fove- shallow round depression Latin fovea fovea
fract-, frag-, frang-, -fring- break Latin frangere, fractus defray, diffract, fractal, fraction, fractious, fracture, fragile, fragment, frangible, fray, infraction, infringe, refract, refractory, refrain
frater-, fratr- brother Latin frater fraternity
fric-, frict- rub Latin fricare, frictus dentifrice, friction
frig- cold Latin frigere frigid, frigorific
front- forehead Latin frons, frontis confront, frontage, frontal
fruct-, frug- fruit Latin frux, fructis fructose, frugivorous
fug-, fugit- flee Latin fugere centrifuge, fugacious, fugitive, refuge
fum- smoke Latin fumus fume, fumigation
fund- bottom Latin fundare "to found", from fundus "bottom, foundation" found, founder, foundation, fund, fundament, fundamental, fundamentalism, profound, profundity
fund-, fus- pour Latin fundere, fusus confound, diffusion, effusion, effusive, found, fusion, infusion, perfusion, profuse, profusion, refund, suffusion, transfusion
fulm- flash Latin fulmen "lightning flash" fulminant, fulminate, fulmination
fung-, funct- do Latin fungi, functus function, fungibility
fur-, furt- thief, steal Latin fur (genitive furis) "thief", furare ferret, furtive
furc- fork Latin furca bifurcation
fusc- dark Latin fuscus fuscous, obfuscate, obfuscation